I was excited to read the newest Amos Decker and Alex Jamison book, 'Walk the Wire'. Then, Baldacci added Robie, Reel and Blue Man to what appeared to be an interesting case made more interesting by their appearance!

But, Decker himself inadvertently summed up the truth about 'Walk the Wire very well: "Every time he felt he was gaining traction, another event would force them into an entirely new direction. Part of that was happenstance, he was sure. And he was also certain that part of it was intentional."

No kidding.

There are more wayward plots in this book than mole tunnels in my yard. Most of them are irrelevant to the initial case, yet they all come to near immediate resolution, some before you know it happened. At one point, I thought I put my bookmark in the wrong place and missed something big. I didn't. And frankly, you don't need a flow chart to keep track of my moles, but you will with all the characters, plots and moving parts in Walk the Wire.

Amos Decker seems to be missing a step or two. He is more bumbling than we know him to be. Baldacci subtly hints his condition is changing. If that's so, it makes Decker less interesting, at least in this book.

My other disappointment with 'Walk the Wire' is the utterly banal and sophomoric writing that's so unlike David Baldacci, especially the dialogue between characters. "I loved you," shouted Southern, tears spilling down her cheeks. "Like I have never loved anyone ever. I was looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you."

"Liz, You were very special to me. So kind and supportive. But. . . killing people and saying you did it for me? That's . . . you can't do that. It's wrong. You know that."

Southern tightened her grip on Dawson's throat. "I loved you. That's why I did it. It was all for you! You!"

Gag. Especially in the particular circumstances in which that conversation takes place.

Despite characters I enjoy immensely, I am sad to say 'Walk the Wire' is not up to par.

A gracious 3 stars. Do better, Baldacci.

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