I was never a fan of English authors until my first Jeffrey Archer book. I wasn't sure of what to make of Heads You Win when I first started it, but it didn't take me long to stop caring because it is THAT GOOD.

I found the ending a bit confusing even knowing that the book chapters alternated between the outcomes that could/would have been when that coin was tossed and I was a bit disappointed after the inside cover flap claim of

With a final twist that will shock even most ardent fans.

in as much as anyone with a modicum of interest in current events could and would have figured that out.

I enjoyed the references to The Clifton Chronicles and although I hope this would be the start of a new series, but because of the fact that it, like The Clifton Chronicles is historically based, I believe that history might be much too current to have too many more books to follow Heads You Win.

Note: I was only able to finish Heads You Win in a day because we were stuck in a 34 hour power outage!

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