Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones The Complete Seventh Season DVD - 2017

The Khalessi goes to Westros with her dragons. She meets Jon, and Cersei as the leaders of the two factions. Queen Cersei is pure evil, and I cannot decide a death horrible enough death for this demoness. I still have hope for her twin Jamie, and his henchman Bronn, to break free from crazy Cersei. Lots of twists, and I love some of the villains getting their reward. The Stark family is back at Winterfell. Who does not  love Arya's single minded pursuit of her family's murderers even as she questions the loyalty of some of her family. Sansa has learned how to take care of herself, and to see those who try to deceive her for their true selves. Bran is now the three eyed raven. I miss hodor. Jon Snow is still proving what a great warrior he is, and he warns everyone that the white walkers are coming. Winter is here.

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