The Russia Account

The Russia Account

Book - 2019
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The new political thriller from bestselling author Stephen Coonts, author of Flight of the Intruder and Liberty's Last Stand .

Burglar-turned-CIA-officer Tommy Carmellini finds himself assigned to a French-led European Anti-Terrorism Task Force after Islamic extremists attack and burn a wing of the Louvre Museum in Paris. He is soon hunting the kidnappers of American and European youth who use the ransoms to fund war on western civilization. This shadowy group has big plans--an assignation and terror campaign leading to the conquest of Europe.

With the help of his mentor Jake Grafton, Carmellini has always managed to foil his enemies before--but defeating "Satan's Army" will be his most difficult challenge.

Perhaps, he suspects, an impossible one.
Publisher: Washington, District of Columbia : Regnery Fiction, ©2019.
ISBN: 9781621576600
Characteristics: 323 pages ;,24 cm.


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Feb 20, 2021

'The Russia Account' is a frightening tale of a hostile government, those who want to propel their own agenda & the dupes they used to do so in an attempt to take down western governments through world wide monetary manipulation, . . . with nonexistent money.

I found some of financial machinations difficult to follow at first, but as the monetary scheme is fleshed out it became easier to understand.
I don't disagree one iota with Coonts's take down of the ideology of Saul Alinksy:
""Dedicated to Lucifer", [Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, 1971] "the book championed ammorality. The electorate were sheep Alinsky believed, to be herded, lied to, & manipulated so that the radical few could "change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be". ... The book was a crackpot vision of mankind & civilization, ... right down there in the sewer with Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, whose tactics for taking over a democratic state Alinsky had used as for model. Although Alinsky made his bows to the values of democracy, he urged political action by whatever means necessary to achieve the radicals' goals. The question, he said, was always, "Does this particular end justify this particular means?" That was the question he put to the person trying to decide if he was justified in lying, manipulating, cheating,& slandering to get what he & his fellow believers wanted. Of course, the answer was & is always yes. Yes, yes, yes. Folks. let's welcome Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao, & Fidel Castro to the stage.
Lucifer ... Satan. The Devil."
""The world as it should be..." That Alinsky phrase sounded benign enough, until one realizes that Alinsky advocated amoral means to get there: lying, cheating, election fraud & character assassination, all of which were the antithesis of the underlying philosophy of democratic, representative government."
"... the world that Alinsky & his disciples envisioned, the world as it should be, was a socialist dictatorship that jettisoned the right of the governed to choose their rulers The ruled were to be manipulated by radical visionaries for their own benefit. This prescription had been used with catastrophic effect by revolutionaries during the 20th century. Alinsky merely defined their methods. In effect, he updated Machiavelli's 16th century advice to the prince. And, appropriately enough, dedicated his efforts to the Devil."
"... Fanatics know to an absolute certainty that their view of the world is correct & that their enemies are not merely misguided, but evil. One must fight the devil with any tools at hand. Any tactics are justified. Unfortunately, today, the political scene in America has radicalized many on both the left & right who had never read or even heard of Saul Alinksy. How can one who knows the truth in the depths of his soul compromise with evil?"
It appears many reviews are based on their own political biases.. That's too bad, because underneath the obvious is the less obvious. Like Tom Clancy, Stephen Coonts is scarily prescient about the state of the world & brutally honest about the world as it is.

Hard truths are difficult to say & more difficult to hear by those who don' want to hear them. Those who hear hard truths that don't meet their ideology will naturally hate the story & the teller of it. Sadly, that is such as we are today.

The fact is there are people holding the levers of power that are less dedicated to we the people than they are to that power they hold over those people. When they are "on our side" we tend to overlook their sins.

The problem is, there shouldn't be an "our side" within ones own country, it should be an 'our nation side'.
"It came, I suspect from the Kremlin. The political conditions in Europe and America are ripe. The liberals & conservatives hate each other; each considers the other subhuman. They are ready for war to death. Given weapons, they will destroy each other. It is in Russia's best interest that they do."
4.5 Stars

Nov 07, 2020

This should be on QAnon's read list. Really lazy story telling taking current events and trying to make it a spy thriller. View is really slanted one way on the crazy train.

Mar 02, 2020

Absolutley superb. One of Coonts very best. His analysis of the poisonous, even vicious political atmosphere in the USA (Canada too) is right on the money. I anxiously await his next title.

Jan 03, 2020

This latest Coonts novel started off in an extremely interesting direction, but suddenly diverted into a far right wing diatribe, using the current political picture as fiction, just change the names and its now fiction. by mid -novel,the book had become just boring in its political stance, and I just returned it to the library. sure glad I didn't spend my money on it.

Dec 22, 2019

Best book yet!!! I have read them all. Change a few names and it gets towards the truth.

Dec 16, 2019

I had enjoyed a Coonts book a decade ago. However this time around, wasn't able to finish due to the author's constant abuse of the "show, don't tell" writing method. When the political drivel was piled on high as well …. time to look elsewhere for something interesting.

Mar 11, 2018

reject book burner attitudes like this at every turn. Our library should promote wide thought even if offensive

Mar 11, 2018

Coonts really changed with his book Liberty's Last Stand and swung far to the right with basically racist and bigoted twaddle. It wasn't even a good story like the old books used to be. I didn't read his last book The Armageddon File but from reviews it seems it was pretty much along the same lines again. I can't find any reviews on this one yet but I am staying away from Coonts from now on it seems. I hope the library doesn't waste our money buying a lot of copies of his books. Edit- Sure, promote wide thought (hey, our library has 5 copies of "Mein Kampf") but I note that 5 months after this title entered the system there are only 56 holds on 27 copies ordered. Most other top sellers would have 500+ holds (a typical John Sandford book would have 1000+ holds by now) which indicates that his readership is on a downward trend and this is not a good prognosis for this book. The library probably should have spent the money on getting more books actually in demand where there's 20 readers waiting per copy of a book ordered, not 2.

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